Today a lot of us are worried about how insecure our retirement income seems to be. Unlike other generations, most of us don't have pensions. Our 401Ks and our property values aren't looking anywhere near as nice as they once did.

And we really, really, don't want to have to depend on Social Security for our income and Medicare for all of our healthcare needs as we head into our second lives.

We know that we can't count on the private sector-Wall Street has proven to be nothing but a bunch of dishonest, greedy fools. And we read the news. We know that our government has huge problems to deal with and probably won't have the resources to sustain us in our retirement.

This leaves us wondering if we're going to have to try desperately to hold on to jobs we may not like even as employers are doing everything they can to hire younger workers and pay them less-much less.

A few of us may even be shuddering as we try to convince ourselves that, really, a part-time job as a Walmart greeter wouldn't be that bad.

I'm not saying these things to bring anyone down. The fact is this is the post-retirement world that much of the private sector, including the mainstream media, is trying to sell to us. They're trying to bring our expectations down, telling us to expect less retirement income and less retirement living than we've earned.

Don't believe them! The fact is that there are a lot of ways to earn a healthy retirement income, and they don't involve jobs we hate or surviving on Walmart wages.

I have learned about and started using two developments that are making it possible for me to secure a retirement income that's really funding my second life. And my second life is really proving to be better than my first!

The two things I'm talking about are, first, the Internet. Today we can earn our income 24/7, even when we're not actually working, because Internet businesses are always open. I've found a proven system, and I'm using it to create the second life I want for myself.

The other thing I'm talking about is a set of proven investment methods that help me manage and grow the income I'm earning. No one has to depend on Wall Street in the hopes that the financial services sector will pretend to care about our retirements. We can take our wealth and our retirement into our own hands and make them what we want them to be!

That's why I encourage the women I work with to get back in touch with the dreams they had growing up. What made you happy and gave you a sense of purpose? Because those are the kinds of things you can use to earn your retirement income now, thanks to the tools the Internet makes available to us.

And I also tell women to revisit their life lists. You know, the things we always wanted to do, even if just one time, in our lives. Things like taking a tour of the Amazon basin or going to Barrow Alaska to experience a few 24-hour long days.

I did just these things, and this is what I'm finding: The retirement income I'm earning from pursuing my dreams is funding the experiences on my life list!

Our generation doesn't have to worry about a retirement income as long as we refuse to listen to the "experts" who are telling us to start settling for much less. We can create the second lives we want-in fact, we practically have to in order to take advantage of the new ways to generate an income! So relax, take a deep breath, and let's plan your second life!

Joyce Becker is a successful marketing entrepreneur living in New Jersey with her husband of over 30 years. Joyce is also a trailblazer. As a woman and a Baby Boomer, she has broken molds, working in a variety of careers and providing inspiration to countless women whose lives have been touched by her spirit and energy through

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Unexpected Ways to Earn a Retirement Income
Joyce Becker
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